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Whitefields Golf Club is a relaxed and friendly club for all levels of golf. It overlooks Draycote Water in the beautiful Warwickshire Countryside. It is a thriving Members Golf Club with very active Ladies, Seniors, Men’s and Juniors sections. Great for casual golf, plus a complete year round programme of competitions for those who want to enter.

Members benefits

  • Priority Tee times
  • Reserved weekend Times
  • Discount for Food & Drink in the Bar 
  • Discount on buggy hire
  • Members only social events
  • Competition play every weekend
  • Free Wi-fi

Join our members

The advantages of becoming a member

Joining Whitefields Golf Club offers numerous benefits to golf enthusiasts, including priority tee times that give members the flexibility to choose when they want to play. Reserved weekend times are also available for members who prefer to play during peak hours.

In addition, members are eligible for discounts on food and drink at the club’s bar, making it an excellent place to unwind and socialize after a game. Members also receive discounts on buggy hire, providing a more convenient and comfortable way to navigate the course.

Membership fee

We offer a variety of golf membership packages, so that everyone can make the most of our beautiful course and facilities.

Summer Green Fees
Annual (single) Monthly
CATEGORY Payment Payments
7 day full:
Individual £ 925 £ 83.08
Couples £ 1640 £ 142.67
30 – 33 years old £ 740 £ 67.67
26 – 29 years old £ 605 £ 56.42
22 – 25 years old £ 480 £ 46
18 – 21 years old £ 360 £ 36
15 – 17 years old £ 140 £ 14.66
13 – 14 years old £ 70 £ 8.83
Under 12 £ 40 £ 6.33
Flexible membership* £ 435 N/A


*Flexible Membership of 100 points (over 12 months).

*For up to 50 rounds of Golf at off Peak Times.
*Including a WHS handicap.
*Booking & Competition restrictions apply.

Enjoy your membership

Becoming a member at Whitefields Golf Club comes with lots of benefits that can enhance your overall golfing experience. Firstly, as a member, you will have priority tee times, which means you can plan your game in advance without having to worry about finding an available tee time. Additionally, members can reserve weekend times, ensuring that they can enjoy a round of golf on the days that suit them best.


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Join our members and enjoy the benefits of the Whitefields Golf Club Membership.

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